Pickup Bike Rack

The RempRack can easily be installed by the average do-it-yourself type of pickup Owner. It only requires two holes to be drilled - one at the base of each vertical support post. The other securing points utilize pre-existing holes within your pickup truck bed body. The RempRack is quite heavy and large to handle, so you will need a friend to help you assemble and set the rack in your pickup.

If you are not up-to the do-it-yourself approach, then we Highly Recommend that your purchase your RempRack from an RV dealer or some other retailer that is able to offer installation services. Click here for a list of retailers ready to help you.

Basic Installation Steps

Pickup Bicycle Rack Not sure you can install it yourself? Review these steps before you decide...
  • Unpack and layout the main forward structure on a pad or blanket.
  • Measure the open width of your Truck bed at it's forwardmost part. Check to ensure that the floor offers a flat area for the foot to sit. You may have to adjust the width inward to accommodate the floor's curve into the sidewall. If the curve is severe, and extends significantly into the bed of the truck. Then you will need the narrow-base unit.
  • Carefully assemble the forward structure while laying flat on the pad or blanket.
  • Adjust the width to within .5" to 1" of the bed width, ensuring that both the upper hook rails and the lower hitch rail are centered between the verticals
  • Truck Bike Rack
  • Modestly tighten the bolts to hold the structure together for movement.
  • Have a friend help you lift the rack into place. Be careful to center placement ensuring that the rack is at least .25" inch from bed sides (each side) and front of Pickup Truck bed.
  • Mark the holes using a firm marker, and move the rack to allowing drilling of the holes.
  • Once drilled, set the rack back in place and secure the feet with the treaded plates
  • Release the bolts in the structure to relieve any stress caused by the mounting, and reconfirm all centering and the rack's overall square.
  • Attach sidewall brace receivers to the vertical posts
  • Insert sidewall brace perferated lengths.
  • Install back corner brackets, and attach perferated length.
  • At any spacing, two holes in the sidewall receiver will offer sufficient alignment to allow a bolt to be pushed through and secured. Be sure NOT to over tighten!! If you flatten the sidewall brace, it will be impossible to change in teh future.
  • Attach bicycle hooks and quick-release hitchs
  • Mount your bicycles, and begin enjoying your RempRack Pickup Truck Bicycle Rack!
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