The Great RempRack Give-Away!

At RempRack we have discovered that the best advertising tool for RempRack is the RempRack itself. A fully-populated RempRack in a truck is an eye-catching encounter. We are routinely approached in campgrounds, parking-lots, and rest-areas by interested buyers.

So, RempRack will be giving-away two RempRack bicycle racks in order to gain greater exposure of the RempRack concept.

This is NOT a drawing! RempRack will exclusively evaluate the applicants and solely select the designated families. Selection criteria will be based upon the following points;

  • Families of 4 or 5 members in order to best show the Rack's capacity
  • Families that travel frequently in their pickup truck - ideally also pulling a trailer (boat and camper).
  • Families that live in heavy bicycle-traffic communities within Iowa, Wisconsin, or Minnesota
  • A Truck that is a daily-driver (the truck has frequent and regular exposure to the community)
  • A willingness to populate the RempRack with at-least one bicycle at all times for two years (unless removed temporarily for use or truck-cargo accommodation).

RempRack will be the sole determinating entity regarding qualification, and reserves the right to withdraw this give-away offer in full at any time.

If you believe that your family would be a good candidate, please complete This Application.

Selections will be made by April 2013 and a personal visit and installation assistance will be arranged.

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