Introducing the RempRack Truck Bike Rack!


The RempRack is a truck (or pickup) bike rack that transports 5 bicycles in a secure and out of the way manner. It leaves your truck hitch clear to pull your trailer or camper, and leaves a lot of room in your pickup bed for other gear (i.e. coolers, lawn chairs, etc.).

The RempRack Model 101 Pickup Truck Bike Rack

  • Transports bicycles in a vertical, out-of-the-way method
  • Bicycles are attached firmly via secure quick-release hitching posts
  • Plenty of room (50% +) in Pickup bed for additional gear
  • Truck Trailer hitch remains clear and available
  • Adjustable quick-release hitch spacing allows multiple bicycle sizes
  • Accommodates 3 full-size bicycles (24" to 28") and two smaller children's bicycles
  • Rack does not obscure rear window except when in use
  • Easily dis-mounted for off-season storage (6 bolts)
  • Side rail (inside pickup truck bed) provides convenient strapping point for securing additional gear.
Fits up to 5 bikes!
Plenty of room for gear!
Trailer hitch is free and clear!
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