Introducing the RempRack series of Bicycle Transportation Trailers

Excellent for Bike Clubs, Scouting Troups, and any Group-Biking Environment. 10-Bike version pictured.

More Pics of this 10-Bike Trailer

Building on the design and structure of the RempRack Pickup Truck Bike Rack, RempRack is introducing Bicycle Transportation Trailers that use the same space-saving mounting system.

RempRack's existing rack design has been redesigned to allow double-sided mounting and flatbed brackets. This solution offers solid and compact bulk bicycle transportation for trailers.

Using combinations of the original 1-sided rack and the new 2-sided rack - along with the new flatbed brackets -- RempRack is able to offer these bulk Bicycle Transportation Trailers in 10, 15, and 20 bicycle versions. These trailers - and the general lightweight nature of bicycles - offer a towable package that can be pulled with relatively small tow vehicles.

We use trailer foundations from H&H Trailers, Aluma, Teske, B&B Trailers and others. If you have a favorite trailer, or would like to adapt our racks to your existing trailer, please contact us for specific requirements.

Approximate Pricing

Pricing of the Bulk Bicycle Transportation Trailers will vary depending on the trailer foundation utilized (Alumininum vs steel trailers), and the number of bicycles to accommodate. Delivery charge is $1.65/mile one way.

10 Bicycles 8' Trailer, 1 Double-sided rack, center mountedApproximately
15 Bicycles10' Trailer, 1 Single-sided rack mounted at front, 1 double-sided rack mounted at 8'Approximately
20 Bicycles14' Trailer, 2 Double-sided racks mounted at 3' and 11'Approximately

All trailers are custom built to order. Get your order in early.

Contact RempRack to discuss and finalize arrangements for your trailer.

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